The Mirror

Some would say I’m opinionated

Others would say immature

I’d like to say I’ve been tampered with

Because no one these days is pure.


They gave me food and shelter

I learned from their mistakes

They tried to make me perfect

But by then it was too late.


My life was- was-

My life was made simple and easy

They’d bend over backwards for me

Was I some kind of experiment?

Or was I truly what they had dreamed?


No doubt I was brought up like china

But who wants to be breakable so soon?

No matter how tough I try to seem

I’m sorry;


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Love is supposed to be magic

But for me it’s been hell and back

Poor men were giving me everything

And I couldn’t cut them some slack.


How could I love anyone?


How could I love anyone

If I didn’t know who I was?


It took losing almost everything

To finally look hard at my life

I noticed there was nothing

Nothing I recognized.


Who was I? Was I supposed to know?

Was it too soon? Or was I slow?


But there is always a harvester of light

Always a song to live by

And it was that face, pale and true

Brown eyes staring through and through,

They led me to recognize me in you.


That Weird Thing

I remember you, I think

From a dream or someplace else

“Maybe Hawaii?” Nah, never been,

Maybe you’re my soul’s kin.


And there you go,

Doing that weird thing you do,

You know with your lips.

I wonder if it affects the way you kiss.


You stand like a shadow,

But you speak like a tyrant.

Never once had I met a stare so violent.

Gazing steadily into my eyes

It’s so direct it scares me sometimes.


So you grab a cigarette and take a drag

Stare at me, and then laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I ask.

You shake your head, and I’m mad.


And there you go,

Doing that odd thing you do,

You know with your lips.

Oh, how I long for a kiss.


Come to think of it,

No I don’t know you,

But I know I will.

I trust you’re quite a thrill.

Death of Excitement

Those were the nights

I would call perfect.

Because they set the bar,

They set the bar high.


Nights filled with kisses,

Filled with warmth,

Warmth from your skin.

Your skin on my skin.


Nights worth remembering,

Because they hurt,

Because they make me yearn.

Yearn for more.


Nights that set the bar,

That set the bar high.

That can never be repeated.


Those nights terrify me,

Why, you wonder?

Because a lifetime of them

Would kill me.


Death of excitement.

Poetry, fashion, videos.. etc.

My name is Ruth, this is my blog. I’m from Puerto Rico. I love fashion, I love poetry (in English and Spanish). Because of these two loves, I started this blog. I am going to TRY to post errday. Don’t judge if I don’t. Hopefully I might even uploads some outfits of the day (not literally what I would wear because I usually am just going to college which is bo-ring clothes). Anywho, I’m excited. I hope you’re excited. The next post will be my first and it will be a poem. Hope you enjoy!