What Did I Purchase?

I had a bit of money from Three Kings Day and decided to spend it on nastygal.com goodies! I couldn’t wait to let you know what I bought, so I’m just gonna post some pictures of them here. They’re all still available on their website and they’re all on sale.

I’ve wanted this tee since I first saw it on the site, about 3 months ago. It’s finally on sale and it’s just what my closet needs. Other than the fact that monochrome (b&w) is in, it’s the perfect in between dressy and casual tee. I love its quirkiness as well. It draws the eye. I bought it for only $27. A bargain, really.

This skirt I fell in love with. It is just the perfect mix of latin charm and elegance. Again, white is in, and this is the way to do it. You can never go wrong with lace. It’s the kind of maxi skirt you could dress up or dress down. I think it’s amazing and it was only $34! Mind-boggling.

Last but not least, these amazing minkpink shorts. These I had previously owned, but gave away to my best friend because I washed them incorrectly and they shrunk a bit. I loved them to pieces and really suffered our separation. I’m glad I got it back and this time for $39! Now that is a bargain. These are a staple and especially for an island girl like me.

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know which ones you love and which you hate (hopefully none). I’d love to have some feedback 🙂 take care lovelies!


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