What I Purchased in NYC

Hello again lovelies, I completely forgot to tell you guys the things I bought on my vacations in NYC. I’ll tell you now, though, I didn’t buy much. I was on a self-imposed “buying diet”. But I had time to stop by American Apparel and Brandy Melville. From these two stores I bought three tops!


I bought the Gloria V Bodysuit from American Apparel. I’ve wanted this bodysuit for, uhm, FOREVER. I never really got around to purchasing it, so I’m glad I finally did. It looked amazing and it’s super comfortable. Can’t wait to use it.


I also purchased this crop turtleneck in this gray color. I already used it, but I didn’t take photos, so I owe you that. I absolutely loved it.


And last, but definitely not least, this Opal top from Brandy Melville. I still haven’t come around to use it, but I can’t WAIT to use it. It’s so beautiful, lacey, and sexy. It’s a bit risky, but that’s what I love about it.

That’s all of my purchases, hope you enjoyed. Let me know which ones you like most. I personally love the bodysuit more than anything. Take care honeybees!



One thought on “What I Purchased in NYC

  1. On the top picture I see the future of Gym/Zumba wear and on the lower picture I certainly can get into that tight skirt over and over again!

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