Black and White

Hello there my lovelies!

I’m just going to start this post by pointing out the obvious, and that is that black and white are back in. If you’ve gone into the nastygal website you’ll see their awesome January lookbook in black and white. It’s to DIE for.




I absolutely adore black and white, and to be clear, almost my whole closet is black and white. It just goes with everything. Anywho, I saw this picture of one of my favorite models/socialites on instagram and had to share. I love how she used the black and white crop top with the layering. Sometimes she’s a little too over the top for my tastes, but in this pic she nailed it.

Her name is Hannabeth Merjos.


Ugh, the hat, the makeup. Love it all! She’s amazing. You can find her on hannabeth – Buzznet.

What do you think? Do you like black and white or is it overdone?

P.S. I THINK I might be uploading some pictures with an all black outfit I’m going to enter to a competition. Stay tuned.

Take care!



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