Girl Crush/Style Icon

Hello there my lovelies!

Ok, so, I think it’s pretty normal for every girl to have a girl crush. We all at least want to BE like another girl, which could be considered a girl crush. In my case, I think I’d probably scissor sandwich with this girl crush I’m about to introduce. Not only does she have a SICK body, but she has an insane voice, amazing smile, and out of this world sense of style. Have I reeled you in yet? Have you guessed yet?

Yes, it’s the grandious Rihanna.







In my eyes, she can do no wrong. Rihanna has that grunge/rock swag that I love. She wears a lot of statement pieces, which I love. I like how she mixes chic with rock. She also loves to push the envelope of what’s stylish and what’s over-doing it. I actually think she’s a risk-taker, which most times, she pulls off. In my eyes, she’s genius! She’s probably my #1 style icon.

What do you think of Rihanna’s style? Is it too much for you? Who’s you’re girl crush/style icon?

Take care, lovelies!


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