Girl Crush/Style Icon

Hello lovelies!

Here we are again with my girl crush/style icon category. These have to be one of my favorite things to do; to look up pictures of people who dress insanely well, and show you guys why I love them. To be honest, this next one is probably EVERYONE’S style icon. Other than the fact that she is absolutely STUNNING, she’s also super fun, and super swaggalicious. You HAVE to know who I’m talking about. Ok, I’ll give you a hint, she’s a model. Now you HAVE to know.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about Cara Delevingne.

cara delevigne style







Her style is pretty simple. She always wears t-shirts, flannels, leather jackets, jeans, boots, and almost always, a beanie. I just love how she makes these simple, quick styles so 90’s grunge-y and modern at the same time. Her style is definitely my kind of style. She and Rihanna have to roll some punches for me to decide which is more my style. In any case, I love Cara. Not only her style, which as aforementioned is awesome, but also her spirit. She’s always having fun, making fun of her popularity. She’s just a down-to-earth girl who was lucky enough to be born with golden cherub-like genes.


What do you think? Is Cara not awesome? Would you rock her style?

Take care lovelies!


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Photo credit:  marlow35, tumblr,,,,


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