He and I,

We went out for a walk.

Bright, blue, the sky,

The sun on my skin.

How could I forget?


Wandering aimlessly

We came to a halt.

The beauty was too much,

The leaves, the trees, the fruit

So much to see!


Where are we?


Alone, we were so alone.

Where were the cars?

The children’s laughter?

The barking Labrador?


There was nothing,

But a world in a garden,

In a garden of perfection.


Could I ever be perfect?


It wasn’t until I heard him,

I heard him yell, “Ow!”


There it was.

Staring at me from the ground.

Red as blood,

The Fruit.


The rush was too much,

But when did I bite?

I don’t recall.


But the shift in the air,

From warm to polar,

From bright to dark,

From fresh to stale,

How could I forget?


What did I do?


He stared at me

No guilt, no shame.

Only blame.


So many questions

Pop in my head.

There were more questions

Than there ever were answers.


Who are we?

Who am I?


I am Free.


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