Want/Wish List

Hello hello!
I’ve been sick these last few days, which means I may not be doing as many outfit posts. Buuut I still have the ability to see what I’m into and what I’m not on the interwebz ;). So I’ve put together just a few things I’m desperately desiring lately.

This here is a mock t-shirt of the original Céline t-shirts. Those Céline t-shirts are undoubtedly too expensive for just being a t-shirt. In any case, I find this Michael Agwunobi hilarious and fun!

These American Apparel Bloomer shorts are so cute! I can’t help but want to snuggle with my boyfriend in them. They also look very comfortable, but still pretty.

These Opaque Thigh-Highs from American Apparel are a huge want. I’ve been on Little Black Boots’s blog nonstop and I love how she uses these socks! She made me want to need them.

Seeing so many photos of Little Black Boots and Cara Delevingne made me just crave me a beanie! One just like this one from Luna B.

I absolutely need a chunky necklace like this Gogo Philip necklace. I love gold accessories and this necklace just goes with everything.

Last, but definitely not least, these amazing pointed heels from Choies. These heels are gorgeous! And not only that, but they’re not that high, so they look like they’re comfortable. I’ve been wanting a pair of heels like these for AGES.

Which is your favorite? What do you have on your want/wish list?
Hope you enjoyed!
Take care lovelies!


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