Guess Who’s Back?!

Hey guys!
I’m so sorry I’ve disappeared on you all. It’s been a dry couple of weeks in what fashion’s concerned. Finally, though, I received my ASOS blue skirt and I purchased a little something extra.
As you all know, I’m in love with skirts, so that’s why I purchased the blue skirt. The other purchase was a Van Heusen men shirt, that I’m going to wear tonight. “Where?” you may ask. Well, tonight is the launch party for an online magazine I’m writing for, which is what’s taking up some of my time. The magazine is called Feel free to visit the page, in fact, I request it. Well, tonight is the launch party where we’re going to mingle with guys and girls that are of some importance in our university and network a bit.
Hopefully, I’ll get an outfit post up tonight or tomorrow.
Here’s a little picture of the purchases:

The blue skirt fit like a glove and looks absolutely gorgeous! Now, all I need is a pencil skirt and a body-con skirt and we’re good 😉
The Van Heusen shirt fits large, but that’s the point. I wanted a shirt that fit me a bit large so it contrasts my wasteline. Well, you’ll see later!
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I post the outfit tonight or tomorrow.
Take care!

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