Going Vintage

Hello lovelies!

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about vintage style. I’ve been looking at old photographs of Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and even Twiggy. I love looking back on old trends because a lot of them are still applicable today! So anyway, I started browsing through Shabby Apple and ModCloth and found awesome pieces I’d love to share with you guys, along with some photos of the lovely ladies aforementioned.

First, the ladies:

15-miller-monroe_300 Au5BTcpCIAAZUFi.jpg-large audrey-hepburn-style-collage brigitte bardot 2 tumblr_lr7xh8V2qO1r1plgpo1_400


In my humble opinion, they’re Godesses.

Well, anyway, these photos were BURNED into my thoughts when I sifted through the two sites (Shabby Apple & ModCloth). Here are a few pieces that really caught my eye:

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.54.56 PM


This dress from Shabby Apple is gorgeous. The thing that I love about it is the French feel of it. I feel like if I wear it, I’d be saying goodbye to my French lover who’s leaving to fight in WWII. Dramatic, much? Indeed. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.58.07 PM


This dress reminds me a lot of Twiggy. I don’t know if it’s the simplicity, or the top of the dress, but it just gives me her feel. What makes it a sealed deal is definitely that it can be dressed up or dressed down, as seen here, and still look fabulous. The combination in this photograph is abosolutely stunning.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.59.20 PM


Is it OK to be in love with a dress? I’m gonna say it is, for the heck of it! This dress is AMAZING. I love it from head to.. knee? It’s so classically vintage and yet can be modernized easily. It’s one of those pieces you can use so much, because it’s so versatile. 

Moving on to ModCloth

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.07.09 PM


This dress I can just imagine myself as Marilyn Monroe being acting as though I’m innocent, with a gorgeous pout, and then bring out the naughty later. It’s absolutely stunning, the print mixed with the color gives it an interesting look. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.08.07 PM


This dress seems very nautical to me, which oddly, I’m very much liking. What’s interesting is how they take a piece that looks very vintage, and yet twist it a bit so it’s modern enough to wear anywhere. You could wear this to your graduation and to a night out with the gals as well. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.08.16 PM


Now this dress is the 0ddest/coolest of all to me. I love the mixture of patterns on this dress along with the sleeves. It looks like something Holly Golightly mixed with a modern feel. It’s absolutely adorable. 


What did you guys think? Which was YOUR favorite? If you feel like browsing through the sites for yourself you could click here and here. Or, click on the banners at your right! 😉

Take care! xxoo


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You Should’ve Listened to Your Mother (Short Story)

“What is that?” Felix asks with his nostrils flaring. I look at what he’s pointing at on the nightstand.

“It’s called a tampon,” I answer mockingly.

He gives me his “you’re hilarious” look and glares. “I know what it is smart-ass.”

“Then why did you ask what it was?” I ask turning away to change my shirt.

He follows me to my closet, “It was a rhetorical question! I meant ‘what is it doing on the nightstand’?”

“It’s not doing anything on the nightstand, I mean, it’s not doing its intended job,” I answer nonchalantly. I push him out of my way after I’ve finished dressing. He follows me to the kitchen.

He sighs, “You’re so smart-mouthed, you know that?”

I shrug, “You should’ve listened to your mother.” I grab a few pans and heat them up to make some scrambled eggs.

He puts his hand on his forehead dramatically. “I know you have your lady things, but I don’t want them in my face. It’s gross.”

To this, I had to reply. “Oh, ‘lady things’ is what you call it? What are you, nine?” I can feel my heart racing and my blood heating up. These are topics I never like to discuss with men.

He brushes his hair behind his ear nervously. “Look, I just think you should respect what I feel. I think I’m pretty respectful with what you dislike. I dislike very much seeing tampons lying around.”

I break open the eggs in a plate with so much strength that I do it wrong. “You’re lucky they weren’t used tampons. Those I put under your pillow.”

He rolls his eyes disgusted. “You don’t have to get so angry. I’m just saying…”

I turn to face him and his blue eyes are pleading, but not enough. “I’m not allowed to get angry at the fact that you’re disgusted by what nature has burdened me with, but you’re allowed to get angry because I leave the tools that help me get through the crime scene in my pants lying around? That’s very fair.”

He tries to grab me, but I pull away. “Ugh, I hate when you get like this.” He walks away and props himself down on the sofa. This time, I follow him.

I take a deep breath, “You want to know what I hate?” I ask calmly.

His eyes widen, “Not really, no.”

“I hate when you leave your underwear lying around, when you clearly farted and left ass marks all over it. I hate when you leave the toothpaste’s lid off. I hate when your junk stinks and you still expect me to touch it. I hate when you scratch that same junk and then don’t wash your hands before you eat” I say quickly in the scariest tone I have.

He bites his lip nervously and looks up at me, “I hate when you’re on your period.”

I smell burning and run to the kitchen. My scrambled eggs were burned to crisp. Murphy’s law.

“UGH!” I scream. I take a deep breath and recover my posture. I turn back to where my lovely Felix is sitting and sit next to him with my head in my hands. “You think you hate when I’m on my period? Try being on your period.”

He puts his soft hand on my neck and I pull away. “Sorry!” he exclaims. He knows I hate when people do that. It makes me feel like they want to dominate me, like a dog, or something. “Look, I’m sorry for being such a dick.”

“I’m sorry you’re a dick, too” I say with a half smile.

He chuckles a bit then turns my head to face him. “You know you’re a total bitch when you’re on your period?”

I nod.

“…Well, you’re a bitch when you’re not, too.”

I punch him on the arm. “Like you’re a walk in the park.”

He smiles that brilliant smile that turns me into mush. “So, does my junk really stink that bad? ‘Cus this is a recurring argument of yours. I’m starting to worry.”

I smile sweetly as I touch his face gently. “You should worry.”

I go back into the bedroom to grab my purse to head out to work, I’m already late.

“Hey! So, are you gonna make me breakfast?” he yells out from the family room.

I come out of the bedroom, grab a plate from the kitchen, and hand him his feast.

“Bon appetite!” I say as I walk away smiling.

“Tampon for breakfast! Very original! I’m throwing it away!” he yells as I close the front door.

Alone (Poem)

I know it wasn’t easy

In your house in Bayamon.

You were scared

And alone.

No one,

Not your ma’,

And least your pa’,

Gave a shit




There you stand

Like a tyrant

Like a monster

And my heart breaks

Because you yell

And it’s booming

And powerful

And I’m weak

And small.


Have the neighbors heard?

“Mija, it could be worse”

But it isn’t

And it’s still bad

And YOU defend him

And I’m alone.


There you go again

Raising your voice

And then you wonder

On your own

“what did I do?”

And I laugh,

And we laugh,

And you’re alone.


I plead

For you

To tell him

To help him


Because he’s not


For my brothers’



There he goes again







“I’m sorry”




New Look, Shorter Do

Hello lovely readers!

Today I went by the beauty parlor and got myself a make-over. My hair has been long for, ever since I can remember, but today I cut it. And I love it. Not only that, I also re-dyed it a nice auburn red.

Here’s what it looks like:


I’m actually loving it. It’s shorter, less heavy, and comfortable. It’s a huge change for me, since I’ve always had it to my ribs, but it’s nice. It’s like a whole new me!

What do you guys think? Is shorter hotter? Or longer?

Take care!


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New Shoes On & Errthang is Alright

Hey there beautifuls!
I’ve been wanting to tell you lot that these couple days have been infernal. I had a monstrous cavity sucking all of the life force out of me. That cavity literally caused pain in my jaw, ear and head. It was horrifying. So, on Saturday I paid a visit to the dentist who “fixed” it. By “fixed” it, I mean he took out the cavity and filled in the space with medicine… Only for my mouth to go haywire a few hours later. Thankfully I’m feeling much better today.
To make myself feel better I did a little retail shopping and came up with an awesome find.
A pair of glittery Zara sandals:



These babies only cost $30! I absolutely love how they’re flats, but the glitter and feel of them somehow make for a more dressed up feel. Also, the belts are made in a way that reminds me of the classic Valentino’s that I would die to own. They’re cheap, yet look high-end. I’m in love.

What do you think? Have you purchased any sandals for summer?
Hope you all are well!

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Smooth Sailing

Hello my lovely doves,
Last night I went out with Fernando first to Shannan’s Pub, and then to Río Piedras. Shannan’s is definitely dressier, so for that I wore heels. Then for Río, I changed into my Steve Madden leopard loafers. We had a nice time at both places because we had good company. I was veeery comfortable, which is a major plus.
This is what I wore:





Wearing: Iron Maiden tee from UO // ASOS skirt // Zara heels // jewelry fom Etsy // purse is from H&M // lipstick is Vegas Volt by MAC

This outfit I loved. I felt comfortable and it had enough grunge to be my style. I love combining the classy heel with a tee shirt and skirt. In my opinion, the best styles are the well-balanced ones.

What do you think? Would you pair a tee with a skirt and heels?

Hope you’re well!

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Etsy Purchases Reviews

Hello darlings,
I had mentioned before how I purchased a fee things from etsy. This was a first for me, but it was fun! I like cooperating with gifted people who don’t get the recognition they deserve.
So, anyway, here I go.

This is a picture of all of my purchases together.


These knuckle rings by GLAMROCK designs are one of my favorite purchases. They look like real gold, unlike others, and are simple. They’re lovely.

These knuckle rings by VSXNXTA are the coolest shape and of good quality as well. I don’t like the shade of gold they are. It’s a bit fake for my tastes, but still overall cool rings.

This single swirled knuckle ring by Joy Sohn was a pleasant surprise. It was one of the cheapest I purchased, but the color was nice as well as the fit.

These two chevron and circle knuckle rings are by Mishellaa. These were the one of the biggest disappointments. They were an unattractive shade of “silver” and had a very unattractive adjustable back.

We’ve arrived to the biggest of big disappointments. This bracelet was part of the two-piece set I had told you all about. The one I bought for mother’s day. I wore the bracelet out once, and may have wet it with my sweat. The bracelet is practically ruined and stinks. Horrible quality. Which is sad because at first sight, it was very lovely.

This leather bracelet is inspired by Hermès, and made by QueenBsDowry. I was really pleased with the purchase and was complimented by my sister on it. Pleasing my sister isn’t easy.

This bracelet you all may recognize as an imitation of Cartier’s Love bracelet. This knock-off was made by La Coquette Boutique. I’m loving it from first sight, but you never know! I loved the mother’s day bracelets at first sight as well. Hopefully this one will prove to be of better quality.

This necklace by NeverMidnight is one of my favorite purchases! It’s one I’ve been wanting for some time now. It looks gorgeous and it fits perfectly.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Which did you like most?

Take care!

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Boots Were Made for Walking

Hello, hello
The other night I met up with some friends at Marullo, which is a hang-out spot in Santurce. We drank, we talked, and we danced. It was fun!
Since the spot is in Santurce, a low-key spot, I decided to dress down my outfit pairing it with some boots. Here’s what it looked like:



Wearing: men’s shirt from Van Heusen // BCBG Maxazria skirt // boots from ? // lipstick is MAC’s Ruby Woo

I loved my outfit because it was comfortable, yet sexy. I absolutely love the emerald green of the skirt as well. It’s always fun to play up colors.

What colors do you like to wear most?
Take care!

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Job Hunting

Hello ladies and gents,

Yesterday I went job hunting with Fernando, my official photographer, and dressed it up for the part. Obviously I’m only looking for a part-time so I just wore a casual outfit dressed up with a blazer and heels. FINGERS CROSSED!

Here’s what it looked like:







Wearing: Urban Outfitters shirt // Nasty Gal blazer // Urban Outfitters jeans // Nasty Gal’s Faye Pumps // vintage bracelet + Pandora bracelet // Tous ring // Tous necklace

This is what Fernando looked like:




There you go! Now you know what we wear to make an impression.

What did you guys wear while job hunting? Any staples for that kind of occasion? I’d love to know!

Take care!



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School’s Out, Party Time

So, college is finally over… this semester. I decided to celebrate, that and my “monthversary”, by going out! It’s been awhile since I put together an outfit post. I checked what was going on and everyone seemed to be planning to watch the Mayweather fight. My best friend, though, was going to Old San Juan to bar-hop, which sounded pretty good to me. Since Old San Juan is a very chill laid back place to hang, I decided to wear my new ASOS skirt paired with my favorite pair of Converse. Check out the result.






Wearing: ASOS skirt // old F21 top // Converse // Lipstick is MAC’s Vegas Volt

I kept it reaaaaal simple because Old San Juan is just that, a simple and nice hang out. I didn’t even wear a purse because I wanted to feel comfortable. I’m digging the orange-y lipstick for summer and Vegas Volt is one of my favorite coral lipsticks, other than Lancome’s Coral Sand. 

What do you guys think? Orange lips in or out?

Hope you’re good!



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