Etsy Purchases Reviews

Hello darlings,
I had mentioned before how I purchased a fee things from etsy. This was a first for me, but it was fun! I like cooperating with gifted people who don’t get the recognition they deserve.
So, anyway, here I go.

This is a picture of all of my purchases together.


These knuckle rings by GLAMROCK designs are one of my favorite purchases. They look like real gold, unlike others, and are simple. They’re lovely.

These knuckle rings by VSXNXTA are the coolest shape and of good quality as well. I don’t like the shade of gold they are. It’s a bit fake for my tastes, but still overall cool rings.

This single swirled knuckle ring by Joy Sohn was a pleasant surprise. It was one of the cheapest I purchased, but the color was nice as well as the fit.

These two chevron and circle knuckle rings are by Mishellaa. These were the one of the biggest disappointments. They were an unattractive shade of “silver” and had a very unattractive adjustable back.

We’ve arrived to the biggest of big disappointments. This bracelet was part of the two-piece set I had told you all about. The one I bought for mother’s day. I wore the bracelet out once, and may have wet it with my sweat. The bracelet is practically ruined and stinks. Horrible quality. Which is sad because at first sight, it was very lovely.

This leather bracelet is inspired by Hermès, and made by QueenBsDowry. I was really pleased with the purchase and was complimented by my sister on it. Pleasing my sister isn’t easy.

This bracelet you all may recognize as an imitation of Cartier’s Love bracelet. This knock-off was made by La Coquette Boutique. I’m loving it from first sight, but you never know! I loved the mother’s day bracelets at first sight as well. Hopefully this one will prove to be of better quality.

This necklace by NeverMidnight is one of my favorite purchases! It’s one I’ve been wanting for some time now. It looks gorgeous and it fits perfectly.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Which did you like most?

Take care!

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6 thoughts on “Etsy Purchases Reviews

  1. I really like the Faux Cartier! How did it end up going when you wore it? I saw it in your new post and I actually thought it was real before I scrolled down 😀

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