New Shoes On & Errthang is Alright

Hey there beautifuls!
I’ve been wanting to tell you lot that these couple days have been infernal. I had a monstrous cavity sucking all of the life force out of me. That cavity literally caused pain in my jaw, ear and head. It was horrifying. So, on Saturday I paid a visit to the dentist who “fixed” it. By “fixed” it, I mean he took out the cavity and filled in the space with medicine… Only for my mouth to go haywire a few hours later. Thankfully I’m feeling much better today.
To make myself feel better I did a little retail shopping and came up with an awesome find.
A pair of glittery Zara sandals:



These babies only cost $30! I absolutely love how they’re flats, but the glitter and feel of them somehow make for a more dressed up feel. Also, the belts are made in a way that reminds me of the classic Valentino’s that I would die to own. They’re cheap, yet look high-end. I’m in love.

What do you think? Have you purchased any sandals for summer?
Hope you all are well!

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