New Stuff! (21 years!!)

Hey there guys!
It feels like forever. I’m sorry for going AWOL, I honestly have no good excuse. My birthday was on the 24th (yeeey!) so I just thought I’d post 2 things I bought with birthday money and my sister’s present.

I saw this top on sale at the outlets and had to have one. They were in a variety of colors and prints, but this one really caught my eye. It’s just a fun top to pair with a skirt.

I’ve been wanting a pair of pants like these for ages. These I found at a local store called Valija Gitana, on sale as well. They’re a light, high-waisted pant and I loved how it looked.

This was my sister’s present. It’s a Zara skirt I’d been lusting after for weeks. I absoutely adore the rufflea at the bottom and how it’s form-fitting.

So, on my birthday I had a lot of things going on with school and work… So, no play for me. On Wednesday I went out and celebrated with a few close friends. Yesterday, I celebrated with my mom. We went to a really nice restaurant and they sang happy birthday to me. It was a really good time.




Oh, being 21. All the responsibilities!
Anywho, I hope you enjoy my post.

How did you guys celebrate your last birthday? What goods did you get?

Take care!


Love Like the Sea

I’m lost at sea
In love with the waves that rock me
You, with your nicotine breath.
Slowly, but surely, breaking
Waves against the edge of my ship.

I wake to your heavy breathing
You’re angry again!
The sky is gray
And the air is crisp
“Oh Captain, my captain”
I fear the storm.

But God, you swear like a pirate
And I just stand there taking
The blows of saltwater
And I’m suddenly stuck
In between sheets and waves.

The albatross leads us
But I shoot him down
Because luck is never on my side
Because YOU were never on my side.

After months of never ending blue
Of heartbreaks and faded tattoos
Going back to never having met,
I decided to abandon ship.