New Purchases!

Hey all,

I know I’ve been sort of AWOL with the fashion part of the blog lately, but I’m back! I made a few purchases I saw necesary for my closet. I’m trying to keep my purchases casual since I’ve hardly been going out lately, so my college outfits are gaining importance. Anywho, here they are:



Starting off with these new pair of high top converse. I have a pair just like these but low and VERY old. I decided to purchase a new pair because the old ones were so damaged! I love these because they’re versatile and don’t get permanent damage like the white ones.



These cute whine colored boots from Journey’s! I saw a friend of mine wearing these one day and I had to have them. They’re SUPER comfortable and so stylish. They add oomph to any outfit. I also can’t get over the color. I love them.



These American Eagle boyfriend shorts. They were on sale and they’re perfect to pair with the aforementioned shoes. So, had to do it.



These American Eagle midi shorts as well. Because I bought the other ones, these only cost me like $6! I had been wanting a pair of midi shorts since all of mine are kind of too short for college. I walk around pulling my shorts lower all the time. It’s annoying. So, they’re perfect.



Finally, I purchased this really cute hat from BCBG Generation. I think it’s so versatile and casual. It’s perfect to give any outfit a little bit of detail.


I also purchased (but not gonna show) three pairs of socks from F21 that I plan on mixing & matching with the shoes I purchased. And, I also am in the process of switching perfumes. So, right now I’m using Balenciaga’s Florabotanica, but I don’t feel convinced. Any perfumes you guys recommend?


What has been going on in your lives? What was your last purchase?

Take care!



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