I Do Not Believe in Marriage

“I Do Not Believe in Marriage”

but i will marry a man who sings lullabies to my stomach, right after I’ve had a big meal. a man who says, “how was your day?” and sounds like “remember i love you”. a man who helps me open jars after my hands are seconds away from bleeding because i’m too stubborn to give up. a man who beats me to the coffeemaker and always gives me the first cup. a man who knows when i’m angry, but will let me tell him on my own time. a man who knows just where to kiss me, so my body becomes a canvas of goose bumps. a man who can draw constellations with the freckles on my back. a man who knows when to be silent and when to be loud. a man who knows how to shake my father’s hand. a man who thinks children are adorable, but in no way wants to procreate. a man who will have my name on the tip of his tongue even when asking for coffee at starbucks.

i do not believe in marriage, but i will put pen to paper for a man who doesn’t believe in marriage, but wants to marry me because he knows he will in no way feel shackled. a man who loves my freedom enough to not call me “his”. a man who will never let me get bored.


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