Glasses are my thing, and how it happened

So, this morning I woke up as usual, kind of not really aware of my surroundings, and desperately reaching around for my glasses so I can make sense of the world. At this point I’ve been wearing glasses full-time (yes, like a job) for five years. However I had discovered I needed them eight years ago. What happened during those three years before I was wearing them full-time, you ask? I lived in denial. I, for some reason, thought I looked horrible with glasses and would carry them in my bag for only dire situations like class or 3D movies. Sidenote: 3D movies for people with myopia is inhumane torture. Anyway, I remember walking around the University campus and not being able to discern anyone’s face unless they were right next to me. I would constantly get messages from people telling me I was a bitch for ignoring them. If you’re reading this, you now realize I was a vain idiot.


Me wearing my first Warby Parker glasses.

I can’t really pinpoint the moment I decided, fuck it! I needed glasses desperately. It was ridiculous to walk around half knowing what you were seeing. Truly. Slowly but surely, I began wearing them more and more. Until I reached a point I was wearing them daily, and that’s when it became very important to me which glasses I wore.

Slightly off-topic – you’re all probably wondering, “why don’t you wear contacts?” Good question amigos! I don’t wear contacts because contacts are not my friend. I tried, not too long ago, to wear contacts for the first time. Little did I know you have to try them on and take them off three times successfully at the doctor’s office before they let you leave with them. I was originally scheduled for an hour and a half session. I was there for a little under three hours. My eyes were as red as my anger was and dry as my soul. I literally wanted to strangle them for making me do this. Alas, they let me leave with me having put them in and taken them out TWICE. Yes folks, twice in almost three hours. After that I wore them only for special occasions, like my birthday in Puerto Rico. But really I just didn’t like the feel of them. I decided firmly that they weren’t for me.

Now that that’s been cleared up, I got obsessed with glasses. Maybe a little too obsessed. Please see below my collection.

Shop my glasses: first on the left, second on the left, third on the left, right, bottom.

Also, yes, I’m aware my hair also changes as much as my glasses. What I can I say? I love to change it up!

*There’s also a pair that’s missing form there, but I don’t seem to have any pictures wearing them, which makes sense because they’re my “at home” glasses.

My collection has glasses from Warby Parker, Tom Ford, Miu Miu, and GlassesUSA. They all cater to a side of my personality, which I think is why I have embraced using glasses. I’m not very much on accessorizing, I use the same necklace and watch and nothing else – so I make up for it in glasses.

I’ll never forget a previous boss of mine (she was just five years older than me) came in to work wearing glasses and told me how odd she felt because “glasses are your thing”. And I just felt like there has never been a statement so true. So please blind women everywhere, embrace your blindness and make it cool.

Leave me a comment below telling me how cool I am! Or just make fun of me IDC!




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