New Look, Shorter Do

Hello lovely readers!

Today I went by the beauty parlor and got myself a make-over. My hair has been long for, ever since I can remember, but today I cut it. And I love it. Not only that, I also re-dyed it a nice auburn red.

Here’s what it looks like:


I’m actually loving it. It’s shorter, less heavy, and comfortable. It’s a huge change for me, since I’ve always had it to my ribs, but it’s nice. It’s like a whole new me!

What do you guys think? Is shorter hotter? Or longer?

Take care!


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Read Read Read!

Hello my lovely readers!
Like I had mentioned before, I’m writing for an online magazine called Her Campus. This magazine focuses on women in college and what they’re interested in reading. I recently got one of my stories published, so ladies, check it out!
It’s mandatory! 😉

Take care!

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All Black Style Competition

Hey guys!

Friendly reminder the style competition is still ongoing and I would REALLY appreciate your help!

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Take care!


Girl Crush/Style Icon

Hello there my lovelies!

Ok, so, I think it’s pretty normal for every girl to have a girl crush. We all at least want to BE like another girl, which could be considered a girl crush. In my case, I think I’d probably scissor sandwich with this girl crush I’m about to introduce. Not only does she have a SICK body, but she has an insane voice, amazing smile, and out of this world sense of style. Have I reeled you in yet? Have you guessed yet?

Yes, it’s the grandious Rihanna.







In my eyes, she can do no wrong. Rihanna has that grunge/rock swag that I love. She wears a lot of statement pieces, which I love. I like how she mixes chic with rock. She also loves to push the envelope of what’s stylish and what’s over-doing it. I actually think she’s a risk-taker, which most times, she pulls off. In my eyes, she’s genius! She’s probably my #1 style icon.

What do you think of Rihanna’s style? Is it too much for you? Who’s you’re girl crush/style icon?

Take care, lovelies!


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Newer/Redder Look!

Hello there! To keep up with my name MissLongstockings, I had to Pippi up my hair. Sooo last night my wonderful boyfriend helped me dye my hair a redder shade. The end result? Here’s a few pictures:



So there you go! I absolutely love it. If you’re wondering what hair dye we used, it was Revlon’s Colorsilk in Medium Auburn or 42.
Do you like red hair? When was the last time you dyed your hair?
I hope you like my new look!
Take care lovelies!

Las Calles de San Sebastián

Hey there! As I had mentioned before, this weekend was our biggest festival in Puerto Rico; las calles de San Sebastián. Some friends and I stayed over at one of my best friend’s house because she lives in the town its celebrated in. There is where most of the magic happened. Going outside at night was almost impossible. It was extremely full, but still, it’s all part of the fun.
Here are a few pictures of my nights in Old San Juan. Enjoy!







There you have it! How was your weekend? Hope it was as fun as mine!

Old/New Acquisition to Lipstick Collection

Lovelies! Guess what I found at one of my best friend’s home?! My long lost lipsticks and lip liner! I had lost these three beauties one time I stayed over, and I finally have them back. The first is MAC lipstick in Speed Dial. The second is YSL’s lip liner in Nude Beige. The third is my all-time favorite lipstick by Chanel in Boy. Here are a few swatches of all three:

The top pink is Speed Dial, the lower lighter shade of pink is Boy and the light brown is Nude Beige.

Hope you enjoyed! Which do you like most? Would you like photos of me wearing them?
Take care!

Nail Porn!

Here’s a photo of my pastel nails the other day.

The pink is a light coral color by Essie and the green is a light mint color by Revlon.

My nails today! First coat was a standard blue by Revlon and the top coat is Deborah Lippmann.

Which one do you like more? Also, if you’d like to know the names of the nail polishes, let me know! Take care my lovelies!