Love Like the Sea

I’m lost at sea
In love with the waves that rock me
You, with your nicotine breath.
Slowly, but surely, breaking
Waves against the edge of my ship.

I wake to your heavy breathing
You’re angry again!
The sky is gray
And the air is crisp
“Oh Captain, my captain”
I fear the storm.

But God, you swear like a pirate
And I just stand there taking
The blows of saltwater
And I’m suddenly stuck
In between sheets and waves.

The albatross leads us
But I shoot him down
Because luck is never on my side
Because YOU were never on my side.

After months of never ending blue
Of heartbreaks and faded tattoos
Going back to never having met,
I decided to abandon ship.


VMA Fashion – Hot or Not

I’m sure many of you tuned in last night to watch the VMA’s (MTV’s Video Music Awards). This huge activity never goes on without a scandal. This year, the outfits were enough scandal. I’m going to be showing you a few of my favorites and not-so-favorites of the night.

I’m going to have to start with Miley Cyrus:

slide_314223_2837004_free slide_314223_2837405_free


I want to start off by mentioning Miley Cyrus’ makeup artist has been KILLING IT lately. I love the red lip and the Marilyn Monroe eye with her very blonde locks. It just works. Now, having said that, oh Miley. She started the night off donning a vintage Dolce and Gabbana piece, which surprisingly worked. No thanks to her hair stylist. Those two buns must die. And I mean NOW. The vintage piece worked because it was funky and very 90’s. Also, she has the rockin’ bod to work it.

Her second outfit SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. I don’t know where it came from, who told her it looked okay, and who she’s paying to style her. It was not okay and never would be. A fuzzy gray one piece Chucky Cheese leotard? Yes, Miley, your body is insane. Please never ever wear such horrific things ever again. To boot, she combined it with a pair of creepers that made her look like she had clown shoes on. While on stage it all looked so wrong. The piece she had under, which was like nothing, was showing the whole time. It was just wrong all over the place.

Next we move on to Selena Gomez:



Selena, HOT DAYUM, how you’ve grown. She donned a Versace gown and a pair of lucite heels. The gown is terribly interesting. It covers one side of her body completely and the other opens all the way to the slit on her leg. On the open side she reveals a see-through corset. Honestly, yes, it’s a bit mature for her, but she looked so amazing that it just didn’t matter. I loved the combination of lucite heels and the beading on the dress is perfection. You go Glenn Coco!

Ms. Lady Gaga:





We all know that Lady Gaga is a bit out there. She’s appeared on the red carpet wearing nothing but meat. This time she was a bit more decent. A BIT. She wore a Prabal Gurung costume/gown. The problem I have with this is the all-black-ness of it. The material isn’t my favorite, either. The wig was more than obvious as well. It just seemed like a bad Halloween costume to me. Frankly, surprising to me, since I’m a huge Prabal Gurung fan.

Later she changed into, well, practically nothing. She channelled the Little Mermaid in her seashell bra and panties. In reality, nothing to say about this. It’s not an outfit, it’s practically an Adam and Eve sort of look. She changed her wig to another crazy blonde one. It just wasn’t a good night for Lady Gaga. Although, we must admit the girl has a nice behind.

Taylor Swift:



I just want to ask, when did Taylor get a bangin’ body? I do not recall this. She wore a Herve Leger gown that made her body look like Heaven. The gown was couture as it gets, but the hair… I cannot. I can’t act like that hair doesn’t bother the hell out of me. I understand she was aiming for an old Hollywood 20’s sort of look, and she almost nailed it, but the hair is out of control. Maybe had it been pinned back it would have looked better. The makeup and dress were an A+, so A for effort, Taylor.

Katy Perry:



I understand Katy Perry has a new single out and it’s called “Roar”, which should make this outfit choice excusable… but, no. She wore an embellished Ungaro dress, which frankly, doesn’t do it for me. Katy Perry knows what her best assets are and she is not making the best of them here. She covered up with the turtle neck and then the length was awkward for her size. It just doesn’t show off her body as it should. She has an amazing body and should look to wear dresses that show it off.

Shailene Woodley



Shailene wore Emilio Pucci Resort Collection and I have to say, I loved it. She’s young and fresh, and keepin’ it “casual” at the VMA’s and I am all for it. The fringe, color, and glitter in the skirt is absolutely stunning. Keeping ger look rather simple with her hair in a ponytail and natural makeup. I believe this was a great choice for her and for her body. You have a sneak peek of her rock hard abs as well as her long stems.


There were many more terrifying and gorgeous outfit choices, but I can’t be here all day. Although I have to put it out there that Miley Cyrus was scary onstage and Justin Timberlake was a dream. I fangirled when N*Sync came onstage. Uh-mazing.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review on the outfits worn to the VMA’s.

Which outfit did you love? Which did you hate? Let me know in the comment section!


NYC Purchases (..Some)

Hey guys!

I’m gonna post a few pics of some of the stuff I bought while I was in New York. Some of the things I purchased were nowhere to be found online, so, bare with me.


I bought these gold Sperry’s, which I absolutely love. I wasn’t really into these type of shoes, but I gotta say, they look real nice. They kinda work with everything, which is handy. Also, I was looking to purchase things I could use to college so they’re perfect!

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.11.22 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.12.27 PM

This lovely dress from Brandy Melville. I LOVE this dress. It’s so airy and flirty. It’s perfect for college and/or day dates. It’s just fun and easy to wear.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.11.46 PM

This other dress from Brandy Melville as well. This one I love because it’s more form fitting, which makes my body look sa-weet. Seriously. It’s also perfect for going to college.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.16.20 PM

This Zara skirt, which is a necessary purchase for me. If you know me, you know I’ve become obsessed with skirts. This is no exception. It’s perfect because it’s something I could wear with anything. It’s really a staple in my closet. The flare in it just makes it that much more amazing.


These Toms shoes, which were on sale at Urban Outfitters. I’d been lusting over a pair of these babies for a long time. They’re so usable and comfortable. I had to buy them when I saw the sale. I’ve worn them non-stop.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.34.32 PM

This Zara blouse as well had been on my wishlist for quite some time now. It’s just one of those blouses that are perfect for any occasion. I HAD to have it. So, I got it!

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.19.48 PM

Last, but not least, these J Brand jeans. Everyone who saw me holding them in the store was going nuts asking me where I had found them, but they were MINE. They are very comfortable and they stretch, which I love. I absolutely love the small cut in the knee, it’s perfect.

Anyway, there are more things, BUT I couldn’t find pictures anywhere on the interwebs. Eventually you guys will see them in my outfit posts! Take care my dearies!




Hey guys!

I know it has seemed like I have abandoned you, but in all honesty, I was going through some personal stuff AND I went on that vacation to New York. So, yeah, I’m back and ready to get back to business.

I didn’t really take many photos in New York, but I’ll be putting up a post in these next few days with my New York purchases. I didn’t really purchase much, but the something is something!

Anywho, take care my lovelies!


New Purchase – Boyfriend…..Jeans

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been missing every now and again. It’s kind of tough since I’m saving money for my trip to NYC in August, which is now officially booked! Yey! I did, however, splurge in a new pair of boyfriend jeans. I’ve never owned a pair, so these are going to be my first.ย 






These Vintage Reserve Easy High Water Jeans by Joe’s Jeans are currently on sale at ShopBop. The last pic is of Aimee Song (one of my favorite bloggers) wearing them. I think they’re exactly what boyfriend jeans should be. They have nice rips here and there and the fit is nice and loose. I’m planning on pairing them as she did, with sexy sandals.

I’ll keep you all posted on any future purchases (which I am strictly banned on doing until NYC).

What do you guys think? Do you dig the whole boyfriend jeans thing?

Take care!


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Hotel Livin’ Pt. II (It ain’t easy)

Hello my lovelies!

Yesterday I posted one of the looks I rocked during my stay at the Conquistador Resort. Today I’m posting the other (my favorite).ย IMG_3728

I wore my gorgeous Elizabeth and James Saucy Pumpsย paired with the well-known Zara skort.

IMG_3746The pumps are really truly comfortable. I loved matching the pumps + skirt with the bed covers.IMG_3755

The blouse I wore is one from Necessary Clothing that I haven’t worn in a while. I love this blouse because of the jade color, it’s one of my favorite colors (after Royal Blue ofc).


So all in all the outfit was fun and flirty. It had two of my favorite pieces (of my closet) in it and I was comfortable. Can you say win/win?

What do you guys think? Would you rock the outfit?

Hope you guys are doing well!

Take care! xxoo

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Hotel Livin’

Hey guys!

This weekend was a nice getaway from the working with children. Fernando and I stayed at the Conquistador Resort for a cool activity that was taking place called Mida. It’s pretty much where many businesses go to promote themselves by offering free samples of their stuff to people. Anywho, I managed to get two outfits out of the stay. This is the first, so I hope you enjoy!






Wearing: top from UO // skirt from ASOS // jacket and heels from Nasty Gal // lipstick is Poupre Preview by YSL

I like this outfit because it’s very different from my usual outfits. It’s very colorful and lively compared to my usual pattern of b/w.

Anywho, what did you guys do this weekend? Anything fun?

Take care! xxoo


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Latest Purchase (SHOESHOESHOE)

Hey guys!
After a hard 3 weeks of working with kids, I finally got a little prize for it. I bought myself the Elizabeth and James Saucy Pump in Bone. I am in love!


These are my new babies! I absolutely adore them. I can’t wait to finally wear them. They’re super comfortable and I love the look they create. They’re the definition of fabulous.

What do you guys think? Would you wear these heels?
Take care!

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A Little Late, but Early?

Hello lovely readers!

Okay, so, here’s what’s going down. I’ve been a bit AWOL lately because I’ve been working at a summer camp since June 3rd. The summer camp consists of me watching over a group of 15 girls of 10-12 years of age = NOT EASY. I haven’t had time to do anything, let alone blog. Sorry! SO sorry. BUT the money I make in this job will pay my voyage to New York City in August.

So. Here are the promised outfit pictures from the previous post.





Wearing: top from Necessary Clothing // Zara pants // Zara heels // Nasty Gal blazer // Etsy jewelry

It was a lovely night out on the town.

How has your summer been going?

Hope you guys are all well!


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